While In The Gym


While your child waits for his/her class, they must be waiting in the designated wait area for classes.  This is along the wall next to the restrooms.  When it is time for their class to start, coaches will take attendance and bring their class out to start class.  It is important for you athlete to arrive on time so they can properly warm-up and stretch before class.  If they are late, please make sure that you check in at the front desk.

Clothing must be free of zippers and buttons.  Long hair must be pulled back and secured.

We prefer feet and legs to be bare but if you would like your child to wear pants please be sure they are tight fitting.


The observation area in the gym is small and limited.  All American Gymnastics encourages family and friends to observe their children during class time, however there are a few rules we would like you to follow in order for all classes to be safe and task-oriented. 

We ask all observers to watch from the designated area—this area is at the front of our gym and is the only seating and viewing area for spectators.   

The instructors are well trained to teach gymnastics.  Please refrain from coaching your child from the sidelines.

During your observation time it is crucial that siblings or other children that accompany you are kept under supervision at all times.  

Please do not allow children to play on equipment.

Please keep children from sitting or climbing on the cubbies and the fencing.


Our levels are based on skills and are split in that fashion in order to accommodate the teachers. The closer the skill levels of the students, the easier it is to plan for each lesson, resulting in better managed and more fun classes. Please keep in mind that not all children are the same and that everyone will learn and advance at a different rate.






Our tumbling classes are designed for boys and girls to learn basic through advanced tumbling skills. Skills include handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, back hand springs, back tucks, etc. These classes are offered to all children ages 6 and up. 

​​Beginning Tumbling • 90 min:  No prior tumbling experience is required. Tumblers will learn the proper technique to handstands, cartwheels, back handspring and other basic tumbling skills to prepare them for the next level. 

Intermediate Tumbling • 90 min: This class prepares the student for the more advanced tumbling skills. Using the beginner skills, the class will progress in learning many more skills. 

Advance Tumbling • 90 min:  This class focuses on correct technical execution of higher level skills. It is great for athletes who have mastered back handspring  and round off back handsprings.  

Our program is for children ages 6 and up. The program offers classes of different levels to allow gymnasts to move up levels as their skills improve.  The main focus of our program is learning gymnastics in a fun, encouraging environment. 

Level 1  • 60 min:  Children learn beginner skills and drills on beam, floor, vault, bars and tramp.  Skills learned on the Tumble-Trak provide an exciting workout.  

Level 2 • 90 min:  Emphasizes proper technique and skills needed to master intermediate gymnastics. This class continues to learn more advanced skills.  New challenges and sequencing of skills are introduced. 

Level 3 • 2 hrs:  Continue to introduce gymnasts to more advanced skills. Execution of these skills while maintaining good body position is the primary focus.

Theses classes are designed to focus on large and small motor skills, while introducing the students to basic gymnastics skills on vault, bars, beam, and floor. Classes have fun using games, trampoline, and equipment designed specifically for their size! 

Little Dippers • 18m-3yrs • 30 min:  This is a parent participation class that introduces taking turns, class order and sequence. Gymnastics skills and awareness are developed through the use of obstacle courses and other equipment.  
Little Stars • Age 3 • 40 min:  In this class we focus on physical challenges through an obstacle course including basic gymnastics, basic movements, balancing and locomotor skills.   

Shooting Stars • Ages 4-5 • 55 min: 

This class is designed to prepare children for a

smooth transition from our pre-school program

to our recreational program which begins at age 6.

Children will be introduced to more complex gymnastics skills.